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Hello Friends...

My goodness, hasn't it been a while since we were in touch? So much has happened, yet so little has really changed...

We moved house! We're still in London, but now we're just around the corner from Highgate Woods – much to my dog's delight. It's always been her favourite walk due to the squirrels, and now we get to go there every single day.

The woods are currently carpeted with golden leaves, making finding her dog poo a challenge, and the squirrels chuck acorns at us every day from the trees above (I'm pretty sure it's them.)

There's also been a surge of reproduction in the woodland rat community, which I don't mind at all. It's fascinating to watch the baby ratties play in the undergrowth, which there is so much more of since extra parts of the wood have been sectioned off from the public for conservation and regrowth.

Of course, it drives my dog wild and she comes home and collapses post-walk having had a very good time charging in and out of bushes.

My cat is also very pleased to have extended his territory. We now live in a much larger one-bed flat, rather than a single studio room, so there are more places to hide and more windows to survey his wider territory.

I am forever feeling like I have lost him, even though logic says he must be sleeping in one of the rooms after having his zoomies up and down our stairs. Yes, we have stairs now too, how civilised.

As for me, well I'm finally working as a full-time employed writer for an online magazine, which is very exciting and keeps me very busy. I feel like I am finally living the dream. (My childhood dream was to be a writer and artist, have a dog and a cat, and live in a quirky attic flat in Highgate – so every box has well and truly been ticked!)

Now that I am settled into my new job and new home I have decided that there is definitely still more room for art...

So I am re-opening my books this Christmas for pet portrait commissions and I hope that you'll consider ordering a picture or two for yourself or a loved one.

I'll be in touch again soon to update you on what we have all been up to. In the meantime, enjoy your own beautiful Autumnal walks, tell us all about them in the comments if you like. Lots of love to everyone and their fur babes – Don't forget to subscribe for updates and follow us on social media

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