Juni & Fig provide me with so much creative inspiration for my work, as well as mental and emotional support and fulfilment in everyday life.

I think they are very  beautiful and special creatures inside and out, and I thoroughly enjoy playing around and experimenting with their personalities to create the characters they represent on the Opulent Mutts social network platforms.

I would love to consider any opportunities to help develop their social media personalities further.


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Here is a selection of typical @opulentmutts Instagram posts of Juniper and Fig. I like to annotate photos with handwritten phrases.


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2017-11-21 20.08.13.png

chinese-crested powderpuff/jackapoo


Juniper is a small and usually very scruffy looking mutt, unless she has been stripped, which leaves her looking very soft and sleek with a rather pointy nose. She is three years old with a wide repertoire of tricks and commands, trained entirely by her owner, Zara. 

Juniper is also the weekend "Office Dog" at London Pets Pyjamas.


(Many of the following commands have both verbal and hand cues)

Sit, stand, lie down, head down (chin on the floor), play dead (bang bang), roll over, twist and turn on the spot (first one way and then the other), shake (one paw and then the other), sit pretty, up up up (standing/dancing on hind legs), wait, come, jump up (onto a platform or into Zara's arms), jump (over a hurdle or rebound off Zara's body/leg), touch (hand with her nose), paw here (touch a pointed at object or place with her paw), take it (pick up an item), drop it (let go of an item), leave it (not take food/treat from the floor, hand or when it has been placed on her paws in lie down position), find it (sniff out hidden food), close it, slam a cupboard door shut, knows the names of some of her toys, weave (figure of eight in between legs when standing still and walking forwards), go through (move underneath or through something like a leg.


EYES - When Juniper has her head down and is cued to look to the side without moving her head you can see the whites of her eyes and it looks like she is thinking.

HEAD - If you ask her if she wants "fooooood" she will cock her head, if you ask her again she will cock it further - it can look like she is asking a question, thinking, or asking for something...




Cornish Rex Cat


Fig is a very small and very elegant 1 year old Cornish Rex Cat with all of the typical features and angles of the breed. He has shiny white short curly fur with pale brown markings (and a more prominent on on his rear, nose and tail.) His eyes are wide and pale blue and he is very sociable, friendly and curious. He has shown to be gentle and curious around small, shy puppies, and is fine with children.



Fig knows how to back away from food and sit on command with a food lure and verbal cue, but finds it difficult to stay in position.


VOCALS - He can be vocal, especially when cued by asking if he is hungry or if he wants some food - then he goes crazy and charges towards you, rubbing up against you and generally acting excited and noisy.

JUMP UP - Fig will jump up onto a surface if it is tapped with a finger nail (he is expecting there to be food!)

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