Gather all of your favourite holiday snaps, especially those photos that didn't quite make it onto your Instagram feed, and don't forget to include pics of your dog's favourite toy, crazy acrobatics and agility skills, and weird sleeping positions - because I am going to use your random photographs to create a beautiful collection of custom drawings for you to treasure forever. 

I draw using a mixture of black ink, soluble graphite, soluble carbon, charcoal and pastels on a variety of different types of paper to create loose and fluid sketches of your pets, capturing memories in a unique and creative way for you to enjoy. You can store them safely in an album to look through from time to time, fill a montage style picture frame to display in your home, or create a beautiful wall gallery of your favourite drawings mounted and framed to reflect your style and show your love. The collection of drawings also makes a very special gift for anyone who loves their pets or who sadly may have lost one.


A Unique Collection of Pet Studies



Spend some time choosing a selection of your photographs for me to work from. I suggest between 10 - 15 photographs but you are welcome to provide more if you need to. Not all of your photographs will be used, but I like to have a large selection of pictures to work with as they give me a better idea of who your pets are to you, and I can sift through and find the real gems that will make beautiful drawings and sketches.

I create drawings of different sizes depending on what I feel about the photographs, but if you have a few specific sized frames to fill and want to make sure I pick your favourite photographs, you are more than welcome to describe your preferences in detail.

I take a 50% deposit upfront which is non-refundable, and the remainder will be invoiced to you upon completion. The art will be sent out to you beautifully gift wrapped, via recorded and tracked delivery once full payment has been received. The whole process can take up to 4 weeks depending on my current workload and how quickly I receive your photographs.



Single Pet Portraits

From £70


A Hand-Drawn Digital Portrait


My standard detailed single pet portrait option is a digital drawing, hand drawn using a stylus onto a digital device and then professionally printed using archival inks onto a beautiful A4 sheet of German etching paper, and professionally mounted and framed. I can draw up to two animals per portrait. You can also purchase your portrait unframed.

£70 - Single subject - unframed
£30 - Additional price for extra subject
£30 - Additional price for mount & framing




A Single "Pet Study" Style Portrait

From £70


If you would like to commission a single drawing similar to the drawings included in my Collection of Pet Studies please get in touch with a detailed description of what you are looking for and I will get back to you shortly with a quote. 

Sketch work is creating using charcoal, ink, soluble graphite, soluble carbon on paper.

Please note that the following prices are guides and refer to a single Pet Study with one animal. My Pet Studies are not intended to be life-like portraits with detail built up in layers, they are loose and expressive sketches with a focus on suggestion, and use of bold, sketchy ink lines, the gritty texture of charcoal and watery shading. Take a look at my gallery before commissioning work for a clearer idea of what to expect.

Guide Pricing*

A4 £70

A3 £125

A2 £200

A1 £295


* Pricing is not inclusive of P&P.