Puppy Care


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Benefit from

A Bespoke Care Plan

Tailored to meet the needs of you and your pup


Enjoy Fun

Photos & Videos

Stay connected to your puppy's daily development

and see what they get up to during the day



Benefit from Essential Puppy Socialisation

I support your efforts to make your puppy bomb-proof
and not fearful of a human world

& Support with
Basic Training

Practicing and reinforcing everything you want your pup to learn!






Full Puppy Day Care


£45 per day (or) £40 per day Mon-Fri
I am currently unavailable at weekends


This  premium service is best suited to very young/newly acquired puppies, to help get them get settled into their new home and routine.

The day is mostly spent in your home providing general puppy care and support with all of your new pup's basic training. As your puppy develops I will start to introduce them to short walks and trips out and about to support their socialisation. My own 3 year old dog often accompanies me so that your puppy gets to interact with an older dog and benefit from valuable lessons in doggie etiquette. 

Puppies should sleep between 18 and 20 hours a day which is healthy for their growth and development, so I like to leave them alone at intervals for up to 2 hours as a way to encourage them to get the sleep they need, and also get them used to spending time by themselves, preventing separation anxiety. I often use this time to attend another local bookings, walk my own dog, or grab some lunch.

I suggest continuing with my full daycare service until your puppy is ready to be left alone for longer intervals. Each dog is different, and often the best way to tell is by how their toilet training is going. Then you can graduate them to my Puppy Visits/Training walk services, until they are ready to join a regular dog walker and their pack.


Puppy Visits


£15  for a 45 minute visit
One or two visits per day.

(Lunchtime slots between 11-1pm / Afternoon slots between 4-6pm)


Puppy Visits are the perfect way to give your pup a break from being alone during the day while you are at work. They get company, play, fed and let out to go to the toilet, and accidents are cleaned up so you don't have to come home to a big mess.

My visits last around 45 mins unless I am doubling up with another client, in which case your puppy may get a playmate and some extra time with us! I suggest starting with two visits per day and gradually weaning them down to one until they are ready for regular dog walking.


Puppy Walking


£20 - One-to-One Mentally Enriching/Training Walk


I provide a unique one-to-one walking service for older puppies. This is a mentally challenging and highly rewarding walk, usually lasting about 45 mins. The walk is an enriching experience for your dog and a great opportunity to practice training, reinforce good behaviour and improve your puppy's relationship with humans on a walk using interactive games which provide both exercise and mental stimulation. On occasions I will bring my own dog or a fellow client's pup along with us so that your dog can enjoy the company of another furry friend - because variety is the spice of life.

Puppies are not walked off lead, but I do use extra long training leads in safe areas so that your puppy can get their exercise and freedom, and opportunities to practice recall and enjoy a variety of games and activities that support their basic training..


Overnight Pet Sitting


£35 - Up to 12 hours*
£50 - Up to 24 hours


Overnight Pet Sitting takes place in your own home. It is a service which caters for your dog while you are away for a short while on a business trip or holiday, allowing them to remain in the comfort of their own environment and routine. 

Pet sitting is very casual and is generally about providing companionship in the home and garden, along with feeding and toilet breaks. Your dog may be left alone in your home during the day for up to 4 hours while I attend other appointments. 

It is useful if I am able to bring my own dog to stay overnight in your home with me, although in some cases I may be able to make other arrangements for her.

* (Usually from around 8pm-8am)

I am currently not available during weekends



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If you are a new client you will get a FREE consultation, where I visit you in your home to discuss my services and work out a bespoke care plan for you and you puppy. This is a great time to ask questions, show me what I need to know about your home, and provide me with a set of keys.


All services are booked and paid for upfront to secure times. Bookings can be made via text message, email or phone call, and you will receive an email invoice. Receipt of your payment will secure your booking.


You can pay for a week's worth of services or up to a month. If you need to cancel a booking I require 5 days notice for a full refund. Anything less than this is considered a last minute cancellation and your refund will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee. If you are cancelling a block of bookings you will receive a full refund for any days after the 5 day notice period, and the fee will be applied for the other days.