My name is Zara M. and I am a self-taught artist based in London, specialising in pet portraits and what I like to call "Pet Studies" which are loose, expressive sketchy drawings of your pets and their quirks.

I have a wonderful four year old dog called Juniper, and a beautiful cornish rex cat called Fig who will be turning two this year. We are all inseparable, although Juniper would prefer you to think she just puts up with the cat!

You can follow Juniper on Instagram @opulentmutts and Fig @figthecornishrexcat for fun pics and giveaways.

2017-10-15 19.03.18.jpg

Opulent Mutts started out as a puppy sitting service. I took great pleasure in supporting new puppy owners with their puppies' basic training and socialisation, and being a creative and artistic person at heart I spent a lot of my time taking and editing photos and videos. I started drawing dogs too, and so I think it was a fairly natural progression, after moving out of London to the countryside and not having access to clients to continue my work with puppies, that the business evolved into pet portraits, which I could do remotely.

There were so many professional pet portrait artists that I admired, I didn't really want to try and compete with the incredibly high level of skill and talent out there. So I decided to stick to what I was comfortable with and enjoyed most - sketching - and offer a custom art service that was a bit different to what everybody else seemed to be doing. The response to my work has been so encouraging. People seem to really enjoy my drawings, and I have had some very kind things said about them.

Although I do offer single, more detailed "Pet Portraits" I prefer to focus on promoting my "Pet Studies", especially my Collection of Pet Studies, because my sketches work best when presented together as a collection which tells a story about who your pets really are!