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Immortalising the ordinary dogs and cats we love to spoil...

A Selection of Pet Studies


A beautiful package of art...


£70 Small (Includes up to A5)

£100 Medium (Includes up to A4)

£150 Large (Includes up to A3)


Provide up to 10 x photographs of your dog(s), although not all of them will be used, and I will create a bespoke package of art for you, including a variety of different sized sketches.


Note: The content of your selection of art is designed by the artist, however, if there is a certain photo you would like drawn a certain size you are welcome to make a request.


This service is perfect for anyone wanting to create a display of wall art in the home, or have a set of drawings to display on the fireplace or around the home. It is also an affordable option for someone who has many dogs and would like a drawing of each. A Selection of Pet Studies also makes an incredibly special and unique personalised gift.



Digital Drawings are designed to be more detailed, single pet portraits. They hand-sketched using a stylus onto a digital device, and then printed by a professional printing company using archival inks onto an A4 sheet of beautiful German Etching paper. Click here to see examples


Extra prints of your portraits are also available to purchase in both A5 and A4, but unfortunately no larger than this.


Note: The prices below do not include P&P for your prints. You will be given a quote during your consultation.





Single Portrait



Extra Subjects (each)



Extra Prints

A5 -  £15

A4 - £25



Mounting & Framing options are available upon request.

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Digital Drawings

& Single Original

Works of Art

A Little Pack of Minis


An adorable pack of postcard-sized sketches...




3 x adorable Pet Studies (apx. A6) mounted on black card and beautifully giftwrapped using brown paper & twine. It is the perfect gift - sweet & simple, humble yet special, unique & personalised.


Please provide the three photographs you would like me to draw. There is no extra cost for more than one subject in each photo.



Simple, loose, and expressive - These quick sketches are an artist's impression and interpretation of your photos and not intended to be detailed portraits. They are designed to be appreciated as part of a collection of random sketches.


Options include, "A Little Pack of Minis", A small, medium or large "Selection of Pet Studies". Pet Studies are drawn using ink & soluble graphite on paper. Scroll down for pricing & descriptions, or alternative options to commission a single custom work of art. P&P is charged separately.




Click here to see examples

An Original Work of Art


A unique drawing or painting interpretted from your photo




Many Pet Portraits aim to be reproductions of your photograph in the artists' chosen medium, with attention paid to detail and realism. My Pet Portraits aim to be more interpretative, suggestive and often experimental, occasionally with elements of abstract.


As a result it can be difficult for me to predict how the finished piece will turn out, as I like to go with the flow and what feels right to me. To make my clients feel more secure when commissioning a piece of art from me that is liekly to be unpredictable, I like to ask if there is a specific work of mine or a style I have achieved in the past that you hope will be portrayed in your portrait. Some people are excited by surprise and just want me to do my own thing, whereas others feel nervous about unpredictability, especially when it costs a lot of money. I always suggest to give me an idea of your tastes so that I can use that as a framework to create around... Otherwise who knows what will happen?


For peace of mind, I request a 30% deposit upfront, which is non-refundable to account for my materials and time spent, but you do have the choice of cutting your losses, if at the point of viewing the finished piece via email you are not happy with it, and there is nothing I can do to alter it for you. The work of art will then remain my property, and you are welcome to start the process again if you wish.


Pricing may vary depending on what you want, this will be discussed and verified during your free email consultation. Below are some guidelines for single subject drawings so that you know what to expect.




Black & White on Paper

(Charcoal, Ink, Soluble Graphite/Carbon...)


A4  £70

A3 £140



Larger sizes will be available soon.