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3 Fun Laser Cat Toys: For Kittens & Cats That Like To Hunt

Satisfy your cat's natural killer instinct with these 3 fun laser cat toys, paw-picked specially for kittens and cats that like to hunt.

Some cats seem to just want to spread out on the window sill and sunbathe all day. But then there is your cat, a natural predator and lethal killing machine, wild at heart and aching for the perfect cat toy to help satisfy his instinct to hunt.

If you have an indoor cat without access to the alluring sights, sounds and smells of nature, with its endless potential for adventure, we have paw-picked 3 laser cat toys that your cat is going to go wild for.

Designed to stimulate your cat's natural desires to prowl, chase, pounce and forage, laser cat toys are sure to provide them with the mental stimulation and exercise they need to stay happy and healthy as an indoor cat. They are also perfect to keep young kittens busy and out of trouble.

Why Are Laser Cat Toys So Great For Kittens & Cats That Like To Hunt?

How could your cat resist hunting an unpredictable and uncatchable glowing red dot all over the living room?

I mean, the concept of the laser cat toy is pure genius. Not only does it keep your cat (and you) entertained for simply ages, it also eliminates the risk of you or your kids getting scratched because you can watch your cat play from a distance. When used correctly laser cat toys can also direct your crazy cat away from breakables.

We've had a look online to find the best options for you to choose from, and here are 3 laser cat toys with great reviews that we fell in love with.

DADYPET Interactive Cat Laser Toy

The DADYPET Interactive Laser Cat Toy offers a 2-in-1 playtime experience with an interactive feather teaser to entice kitties that love to swat butterflies, and an automatic rotating light chaser for cats that love to chase and pounce. It is the perfect combination cat toy for cat owners who have more than one cat with different tastes for toys, or playful kittens with shorter attentions spans.


  • Two different toys to keep your cat stimulated and active. Great for kittens or multi-cat households.

  • 4 modes for the automatic rotating feature, including slow, middle, fast and random.

  • 4 different coloured feathers, designed to draw your cat's attention and arouse curiosity.

  • Super sound off. The new design eliminates noise for peaceful playtime.

  • Large but compact design (1.12kg and 18.6 x 18.5 x 14.1cm), helping to keep your house tidy and organised.

  • Built-in 18650 rechargeable lithium battery. Once fully charged it is guaranteed to run for a long time.

  • Convenient USB charger with cable provided.

What Are Other Cat Owners Saying?

This cat toy seems to have some great reviews by people who have bought the product. One lady says that she has three cats who were all fascinated by it. Another happy customer expressed that their cat was initially curious, and became more playful the more familiar he got with the toy.

A customer provides some useful feedback, informing us that the laser extends about 15cm from the machine, meaning that this isn't a laser toy that will have your cats racing all over the house. This could be interpreted as a positive thing as it will keep your cat's play contained to a smaller area, decreasing the likelihood of accidents and your belongings getting broken due to boisterous kitty excitement.

Another cat owner says she bought this toy for the "world's laziest cat" - and it works!

The current price at time of publication is £26.27. If you are interested in the DADYPET Interactive Laser Cat Toy why not visit the product page to read more reviews?

FYNIGO USB Rechargeable Interactive Cat Toy Wand

If you want full control and want to be directly involved with your cat's playtime you should definitely go for a hand-held pocket laser cat toy like the FYNIGO Interactive Cat Toy Wand.

This toy puts you in charge of leading your cat on a hunting adventure around the house, keeping him far away from your breakables, and encouraging him to explore hidden nooks and crannies.

Handheld laser cat toys allow you to play with your cat safely, keeping them at a distance so that you can avoid getting pounced on or scratched. This makes it a great toy for children to use to play with the family cat, or with a new kitten that has needle sharp claws.


  • Affordable price, but still higher quality than the cheaper varieties of laser pens, and with more features.

  • The slide button design means you don't have to hold the button down to keep the laser lit, like with most laser pens.

  • 4-in-1 function to give you and your cat variety and more fun. Choose from 4 different laser patterns or the standard red dot. There is also a handy UV detector to spot counterfeit money, dog urine, or pet stains in the home. This could be great for tracking down where your cat has been spraying i your home so that you can clean properly and prevent future incidents. The device also boasts a mini flashlight.

  • USB chargeable, without the inconvenience of a cable. Just plug the device in directly and charge. Includes a lithium polymer battery.

  • Fast charging. The device can be fully charged in just an hour and a half.

  • The stylish stainless steel shell and anti-off tape makes it durable and comfortable to hold, weighing 40.8g, and measuring 11.4 x 1.5 x 1.5cm

  • Includes a complimentary sisal mouse cat toy.

  • Rigorously tested before leaving the factory, and comes with a 100% Guarantee.

What Are Other Cat Owners Saying?

Customers are happy that the laser light projects a long distance, meaning they can encourage their cats to exercise inside of the house without having to move themselves. The designs are cute and people say it is fun to watch their cat chase after them.

Despite costing slightly more than the cheaper versions, customers agree that the product is high quality, well worth it, and provides excellent value for money.

The laser cat toy is very popular with kids too, who love to interact and play with the pet cat one-to-one, but may be cautious of kitty claws.

The current price at time of publication is £8.89. If you are interested in the FYNIGO USB Rechargeable Interactive Cat Toy Laser Wand, check out the product page for more customer reviews!

APEAK USB Rechargeable Interactive Automatic Rolling Cat Toy Ball with LED Light

The APEAK Interactive cat Toy Ball brings laser cat toys to the next level with a USB rechargeable automatic ball that rolls by itself!

The unpredictable movement of the ball is sure to arouse your cat's predator instincts, keeping your cat's attention and curiosity with its glowing LED red light.


  • This USB rechargeable ball support up to 4 hours of playtime, taking just one and a half hours to fully charge.

  • Save electricity with the automatic-off feature that activates after 15 minutes of rolling.

  • The ball automatically changes direction when colliding with walls, doors and furniture, increasing its independent functionality by preventing it from getting stuck in tight corners.

  • Safe for yours, your children's, and your cat's eyes.

  • The surface of the product is made from eco-friendly ABS material.

  • Compact design, weighing 2.5 oz, and measuring 2.5 inches in diameter.

What Are Cat Owners Saying About It?

Customers, their cats, and even their dogs seem pretty happy with this unique cat toy. It is a fun and affordable product that should attract your cat's attention, and provide the family with plenty of entertainment as you watch your family pets follow it around on the floor.

Tip: You can increase intrigue and tap into your cat's natural hunting instincts even more by placing the ball inside of a paper bag so that it sounds like there is a critter rustling about inside of it!

The current price at time of publication is £10.99 Get your APEAK Interactive cat Toy Ball here.

Disclaimer: We have paw-picked these products for your pet using our insight into what your hunting cat may want in a toy, and careful research in order to find products that other cat owners have had success with. We are very grateful for any purchases you make using our Amazon affiliate links. The small revenue we make does not affect you, but helps to support the running of the Opulent Mutts platform. Please note all reviews are based on research only and not first-hand experience, but we hope to provide you with some inspiration and a few ideas to help you keep your cat entertained!

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We are very grateful for any purchases you make using our Amazon affiliate links. The small revenue we make does not affect you but helps to support the running of the Opulent Mutts platform.