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Immortalising the ordinary dogs and cats we love to spoil...

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My name is Zara M. I am a full-time artist based in Hastings. I live with my scruffy mutt Juniper and my cornish rex cat Fig. My favourite thing in the world is going for long walks with Juni and settling in at home to draw with Fig on my lap, although he does get in the way!


I like to work quickly, and am happiest when I am producing a number of sketches as part of a collection of work. I feel there is less pressure to "get it right" and the finished drawings have a beautiful sense of freedom. They work well and are best appreciated when united as a body of work.


I take a lot more time when working on a single piece for a client, whether this is because I am wokring in detail and building up layers in a digital drawing, or taking advantage of time to contemplate a single drawing or painting as it is developing. Although I do still work very quickly in comparison to other artists, I need time in between to come back with fresh eyes, or scrap the whole thing and start over (this can sometimes happen several times!)


I like to use ink, soluble graphite, soluble carbon and charcoal. I rarely work in colour, and when I do it is certainly not to achieve any sort of realism, it is more experimental than anything. I want to expand now and begin to work with new mediums, so you may see some developments in my work. Follow me on Instagram if you are interested to see what I am currently producing.

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