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A Single Pet Study

(from one photograph)


A5 - £15

A4 - £25

A3 - £45


If you have more than one photograph for me to draw from, but would like all subjects in the same drawing, there will be an extra charge of £10 per extra subject to account for time spent designing, problem solving, cutting, and pasting into one image that I can draw from. This option only applies to A4 and A3. Alternatively you can save money by doing this yourself and providing me with a single image to draw from.





A Selection of Pet Studies


You can provide up to 10 x photos for me to work from, and I will choose the ones I feel most suitable, or ask for more if I need them. The number and sizes of your drawings will vary, but I aim to make sure that you make a good saving on purchasing the drawings individually.


This custom art service is highly bespoke, and I am happy for you to specifiy your preferred sizes or photographs within these packages. I also include one or two hand-sketched greeting cards, and you are welcome to specifiy if you would like more in your selection.


Sometimes your preferences might not fit sensibly into my packages. If your needs exceed or differ from what I initially offer in this service, we can work together to design a selection for you, and if needed I will increase the price accordingly.



Small Selection (Up to A4) - £70

Large Selection (Up to A3) - £100



Please Note: P&P is calculated separately and added to your order.



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Digital Drawings are hand-sketched using a stylus onto a digital device, and then printed by a professional printing company using archival inks onto an A4 sheet of beautiful German Etching paper. Extra prints are also available to purchase in both A5 and A4, but unfortunately no larger than this.


Note: The prices below do not include P&P, you will be given a quote during your consultation.



Single Portrait

(Head & Shoulders)



Single Portrait

(Full Body)



Extra Subjects (each)



Mount & Frame (A4)



Extra Prints

A5 -  £15

A4 - £20

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